Ten Toes Weekender Inflatable SUP

Anyone who’s ever tried stand up paddle boarding knows just how great of a workout they can get all while having a relaxing afternoon on the water. What they also came to realize is how heavy and cumbersome these oversized surfboards can be once they’re out of the water. Well, fear no more, for now interested parties can get their hands on this inflatable SUP board.

Once fully inflated, the Ten Toes Weekender measures 10-feet long and is large enough to support riders of up to 275 pounds. Its 30-inch width increases buoyancy and ensures you have enough room to move laterally as well. They’re lighter and a bit smaller than standard racing-grade SUPs because for most of us, SUPing is more about enjoying an afternoon in the sun than competitively racing. Each Weekender is made from military-grade PVC with drop stitch construction that uses 100 strong plastic threads every square inch. It’s a makeup that provides each rider with a comparable stiffness and quality to traditional hard epoxy boards. When deflated, the board measures only 11 x 36 inches making for easy transport. Available now for $600. [Purchase]