Customers Are Helping Refine Ten Thousand’s Seamless Performance Shirt

While plenty of brands will perform their fair share of field-testing to make sure that a product’s ready for launch, no one does it quite like Ten Thousand. That’s because, with each of the active apparel supplier’s offerings, you’ll find that it first undergoes an exhaustive trial stage in which its design is vetted through elite athlete feedback as well as real-world wear — and always on an enormous scale.

With the launch of its Seamless Field Test shirt, Ten Thousand is doing just that — widespread product testing. In exchange for their feedback, customers can buy the prototype performance shirt at 50% off, meaning that although it’ll normally run some $64 at retail, they can get it at an all-time low of only $30. Then, in conjunction with Ten Thousand’s core athlete team, they’ll test the shirt to its very limits to determine what exactly needs work. That in itself is a pretty sweet deal, but when you consider the qualities of the shirt — including a duomix yarn construction, specifically placed mesh holes for targeted breathability, as well as a permanent anti-odor treatment — it makes for an opportunity too good to pass up. You can buy it for $30 at the link below.

Purchase: $30