This Electric Bicycle Brings Retro-Inspired Rambunctiousness To The Roadway

There’s no shortage of motorcycle-inspired e-bikes in today’s market, and with the majority of reputable manufacturers relying on their own innovative platforms to set them apart, it’s refreshing to see an underdog offer something that’s both visually and tactfully appealing. Tempus Electric Bikes has made it their primary mission to bring a cafe-inspired e-bike to the masses, and if you’re asking us whether or not they’ve succeeded, we’d reply with a resounding “yes.”

The company’s newly introduced Titan R is one of two capable e-bikes set to hit the brand’s catalog in 2019, and admittedly, the most powerful of the company’s offerings. It features front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, a 1000W hub motor (allowing it to reach its 28 MPH top speed), and a removable lithium-ion battery that boasts a 40+ mile range. It’s outfitted with an aluminum dual crown suspension fork, all-terrain tires, and a pair of burly 26″ x 2.4″ wheels — which are perfect for a daily commute that integrates different types of roadways. An info-oriented LCD mounted atop the bike’s handlebars regulates everything from speed, time, and pedal assistance, all the way to “trackable” limit speed. If you’re looking for a cafe-inspired electric bike for everyday riding, the Titan R is available now for $2,900.

Purchase: $2,900