Tekto’s Takta Mask Utilizes Five-Layer Filter Tech To Keep Particulates At Bay

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Whether you’re in the field, or on an urban mission, Tekto’s utilitarian gear has always been a mainstay within the EDC industry. However, with the pandemic reaching its apex, the company has joined the fight for a better tomorrow with a tactical, high-end filtration mask aimed at its wider audience.

Tekto’s Takta mask isn’t your traditional wear-and-wash variant. It’s been constructed to create an impenetrable barrier between both you and nefarious in-air particulates, thanks to its FDA-approved, five-layer filter technology, dual exhalation valves, and adjustable velcro straps, which allow for a personalized fitment that run-of-the-mill masks can’t provide. In effect, the mask provides a sealed fit that helps to deter dust, germs, and other viral inhibitors, albeit, with a much more complex filtration system. It calls upon a proprietary PP layer, active carbon layer, two electro-charged layers (for small and large particulate filtration), and an inside PP layer to promote a comfortable, skin-friendly finish. Needless to say, Tekto’s Takta mask is one of the most advanced barriers on the market, whether you’re an avid operator, or a common citizen looking to utilize it day-to-day. Head to Tekto’s site to grab your own $50 variant, and use HiConsumpton’s 10% discount code “HiC10” at checkout.

Purchase: $50