Tekto Mirage Automatic EDC Knife

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Automatic knives aren’t for the faint-hearted. They’re aggressive, durable, and perpetually at the ready for whatever life dishes out on a daily basis. Add a touch of replica Damascus steel into the mix though, and well, you have a mighty fine addition to the everyday carry arsenal.

We’re referencing, of course, Tekto’s Mirage Automatic Knife. Here, not only is its 3.5-inch, 3mm blade a formidable feature, but the zinc-aluminum alloy handle keeps things light as possible while a window glass breaker ups the utilitarian value and a fully-intergraded hip clip keeps the Mirage as accessible as can be. When deployed, the knife measures in at 9 inches with a hardness of 57HRC to provide years of resolute reliability without worry. No questions here. Available now.

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Purchase: $135 (w/Promo Code)