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Tekto Blends PPE And EDC With Its Five-Layer Electro-Charged Takta Mask

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With donning a mask in public now a part of normal everyday life and no immediate end in sight to the ongoing global pandemic, purchasing a quality reusable mask has become an increasingly worthwhile investment. Not only are reusable masks markedly more environmentally-friendly and better looking, but they’re also significantly more effective at protecting individuals compared to their cheap disposable counterparts. Case in point: Tekto’s newly-designed Takta Mask.

Built for daily use, the mask packs an inner filter setup comprised of an electro-charged PM10 layer that keeps out pollen and other allergens, an active carbon layer that filters out gasses and mitigates odors, and a second finer (PM2.5) electro-charged filter that handles small dust and bacteria. Sandwiched between a durable exterior personal protective layer and a smooth interior PP layer, this advanced filter is good for shielding its wearer from some 95% particles, germs, and other containments of varying types and sizes as small as 0.3 microns. Tested and approved at an FDA-certified facility, this mask’s filtration system is sold in replaceable packs of 3, 6, and 9, priced at $15, $28, and $40 respectively. Offered in white or black, the Tekto Takta Mask is available now on the company’s website with pricing set at $50 each.

Purchase: $50