Teenage Engineering Taps Into Audio’s Golden Age With The OB-4 Magic Radio

Most of us remember the golden age of audio. Eight-track tapes, recording our favorite hits from the radio for playback at a later date, and creating unique playlists for our friends, family, and loved ones was a common occurrence. While those days are, for the most part, dead and gone, the brilliant minds at Teenage Engineering have found a way to bring that same nostalgia to contemporary listeners, courtesy of the OB-4 Magic Radio.

This carryable boom-box-styled accessory is truly a marvel of modern engineering. Within its sleek, angular housing, an integrated playback motor makes its debut, allowing users to rewind their listening history — whether it be through Bluetooth, traditional radio, or a compatible instrument — to create variable time stretches and loops. Obviously, there’s a limit to how far you can travel back in time. According to Teenage Engineering, you’ll be able to pull your favorite samples from the most recent two hours of listening, giving you the opportunity to grab your favorite sound bites from AM/FM radio, Podcasts, Spotify playlists, and more. If you want to use it as a stylish playback device, it’s also been outfitted with two outward speakers and an intuitive carrying handle, making it a trendy accessory for the audiophilic aficionado. The OB-4 Magic Radio is available now for $600 via Teenage Engineering’s website.

Purchase: $600