Sega Mega Drive Limited Edition

Most gamers that grew up during the home console revolution had either a Super Nintendo or a Sega Genesis. Over time, Nintendo continued to flourish and many of their follow-up consoles supported at least some measure of retro gaming capabilities. Sega did not enjoy the same success. In fact, they eventually folded their console development subdivision. But thanks to the resurgence of retro gaming popularity, Sega has finally licensed out their classic 16-bit console. And the limited edition reissue is going through Brazilian company Tectoy.

Though they dubbed it the Sega Mega Drive Limited Edition, it’s a Genesis at heart. Although it has a few massive upgrades. It can play old-school cartridges and comes with the brand’s classic 3-button controller, but it’s also pre-loaded with 22 classic games (including Alex Kidd, Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Sonic 3). The hard drive is also expandable via a mini SD card. This limited run of this retro console rebirth is selling for just $126 USD. But you’d better act quickly if you want to get your hands on one, because they won’t last for long. [Purchase]