Technics SP-10R Turntable

Announced late last week, Technics is slated to launch a new turntable – the Reference Class Direct Drive SP-10R – sometime during the summer of 2018. It follows the launch of their SL-1200GR earlier this year and is set to serve as one of the most premium analog turntables to date from the renowned brand.

Anchoring the SP-10R is some of the most advanced digital and analog technology around – resulting in an impressive S/N (Sound to Noise) ratio at 92db, rotationally stability, and a wow-and-flutter rate of .0015 percent (to put that into perspective most turntables clock in at a rate of +/- .25 percent). Additionally, what really draws the eyes is the beautiful 7KG platter made from brass aluminum and rubber. From here, you’ll notice the power unit is separate to help reduce platter vibration thanks to a brand new coreless direct drive motor and while there’s no official price, we can certainly bet this will be north of the $1,700 SL-1200GR without a doubt.

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