Technics SL-1200GR Turntable

The wait is over. Technics is back with their Grand Class SL-1200GR Direct Drive Turntable. Prior to last year’s SL-1200G release, it was many years, filled with copycats trying to compete with what Technics had going for them since the brand last released a turntable for the masses. Now, all that noise can get brushed aside. It’s great to see Technics back in action.

For starters, the model inherits plenty of technology from the SL-1200G, combining traditional analog with advanced digital technology. This year, newly developed parts include a coreless direct-drive motor along with precise motor control capability, a high-rigidity platter, and tonearm with high sensitivity. Users get all the traditional speed settings as well and a Wow and Flutter percentage of .025% which is enough to get any audiophile excited. And with a high dampening turntable platter, silicon rubber insulation, and a traditional PHONO audio output this may be one of the premier turntables Technics has released to date. Slated to retail for $2,000. [Purchase]