Technics SL-1200GAE Turntable

The Technics SL-1200 turntable is widely considered one of the best turntables available, so when it suddenly and inexplicably stopped being produced, it was a head-scratcher. Now, the SL-1200 will make its long-awaited return with the Technics SL-1200GAE.

The 50th anniversary of the classic table is now upon us, which is why Technics has decided to reintroduce it to a new generation of spinners with a few additions and updates. Now, there’s a high sensitive tonearm and a brass top platter. It features four-layered cabinet construction, which adds a thin, 10mm strip of aluminum onto the previous model (which had just three layers). It uses brass-milled and gold-plated phono terminals so that sound quality degradation is avoided. The new turntable also uses high-precision motor control technology that was originally developed for Blu-ray devices for high speed stability. Technics will put it on the market this summer. [Purchase]

Technics SL-1200GAE Turntable 2

Technics SL-1200GAE Turntable 3