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The Apollo Humanoid Robot Can Do Tasks Around a Warehouse or Manufacturing Plant

Apptronik Apollo Robot 0 Hero
Photo: Apptronik

If you haven’t been worrying enough this year already about the potential of an artificial intelligence takeover, check out this literal robot from a brand called Apptronik that’s designed for efficiently working in warehouses and manufacturing plants. However, don’t start applying for a new job just yet; the Apollo isn’t set for commercial availability until at least 2025.

Apptronik Apollo Robot 1
Photo: Apptronik

Looking like a less-intimidating brother of the main villains from the Will Smith-led sci-fi flick I, Robot, these humanoid robots boast a max payload of 55lbs, which they can carry indefinitely, as long as you keep back-ups of the hot-swappable battery packs with four hours of runtime. You can control Apollo via a software suite from your computer, phone, or tablet, allowing for either point-and-click operation or automation. While the current capabilities are aimed at warehouses, the Texas-based company is already looking to expand future usage to the likes of retail, construction, and even elder care (SEE: Robot & Frank).

Apptronik Apollo Robot 2
Photo: Apptronik

With 10 robots built and counting, including NASA’s Valkyrie, Apptronik used its wealth of experience in the industry to develop Apollo. Standing 5’8” tall and weighing 160lbs, Apollo comes with legs but also has a modular design that can place it on any stationary or mobility platform. Perhaps dipping into the uncanny valley for some, the robot’s face features two eyes and a slightly smirking LED mouth. The mouth can display messages like, “Hello,” or inform you that it’s charging. This works in tandem with a larger display on its chest with more elaborate status readouts. Safety features include object detection and an impact zone that pauses Apollo’s movement whenever it detects motion within its radius.

Apptronik Apollo Robot 3
Photo: Apptronik

No price has been given yet, but seeing as these may be more capable than Tesla’s $20K Optimus robots, the target price may be higher as well. For now, you can check out Apollo in the video rendering below or on Apptronik’s website.