Ford’s Futuristic P1 Hypercar Is The First-Ever Car Designed In Part By Gamers

In 2019 Ford launched Team Fordzilla, the American auto manufacturer’s first-ever official esports team. In addition to hosting the online virtual race tournament, the Fordzilla Cup, the fledgling Ford division has also recently been working on a conceptual hypercar design that’s being touted as the first-ever vehicle penned in collaboration between gamers and an automaker.

Christened the P1, the rendered hypercar was born out of a publicly crowd-sourced design brief, in which fans were asked to give their input on Twitter, regarding elements such as the powertrain type, seating position, and cockpit-style, before that info was passed on to Ford designers to bring the vision to life. Partially inspired by Ford’s iconic Le Mans-winning GT, the P1 is a thoroughly futuristic machine with an extremely sleek and low profile body equipped with a bevy of active aerodynamic bits. Team Fordzilla says this 3D-rendered hypercar will be produced in a full-size 1:1 scale model before the year’s end, though it’s also slated to appear as a drivable vehicle in an unspecified forthcoming 2021 video game title. For more information on the Team Fordzilla P1, you can check out the full press release or the promo video below.

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