TCCT Partners With Pininfarina And Zagato For A Classic Car Simulator

Racing simulators offer a virtual alternative to the experience of real performance driving. Because let’s face it — most of us will never have the opportunity (or skill) to sit behind the wheel of a race-ready car and put it through its paces on a track. But throw together a cockpit, add in some controls, and mount some hi-def displays in front of you and you can get pretty close.

Where other simulators aim to replicate the feel of a modern performance car, The Classic Car Trust (TCCT) has taken a decidedly different approach. By enlisting the help of renowned Italian designers Pininfarina and Zagato, they’ve put together a pair of sims that eschews what’s current in favor of a classic experience. Featuring vintage-styled wooden steering wheels, leather bucket seats, and a manual gear shifter, each simulator immerses the driver in an envelope of retro racing vibes. And with a three-screen display and a hydraulic base, they’re ready to roll come time for a virtual track day. As part of the eClassic experience, owners will have access to an online community with personalized training, friendly races, and championship series events. Prices have yet to be announced but it will drop in 2021.

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