Taylor Stitch & Stetson’s 2nd Collab Draws From The Spirit Of The West

Taylor Stitch and Stetson share a love for heritage menswear. As such, it’s only natural that the two have become well-acquainted with one another over the years, resulting in a small number of intimate collaborations. To finish off 2020 with a bang, the pair have joined together, once again, for a unique, six-piece collection, rounding out their legacy-minded “In Cahoots” catalog.

Channeling Stetson’s love for the “spirit of the American West,” this handsome capsule features a number of versatile items crafted and honed for the modern trailblazer. Throughout December, the brands will take part in a staggered release schedule, helping wearers to take on the wilds with the exclusive crushable wool felt Lane Splitter hat, available in both Mushroom and Espresso; Mechanic coat, in Slate Herringbone; Slim All Day Pant, in Rustic Oak Selvedge; and Democratic All Day denim, in Rustic Oak Organic fabric. Be sure to keep tabs on Taylor Stitch’s website — where the Lane Splitter hat is currently available in both colorways for $118 — throughout December.

Purchase: $118+