Taylor Stitch Travel Chino

There are a lot of things we associate with adventure and travel. Chinos haven’t traditionally been one of them. Or at least not before Taylor Stitch released their brand new Travel Chino.

Cut from an 8-ounce Halley Stevenson-sourced dry waxed cotton fabric, the Taylor Stitch Travel Chinos are built to be long lasting, rain resistant, and rugged. Don’t just take our word for it. Halley Stevenson has been making waxed canvas fabrics for over 100 years – companies don’t last that long if they don’t know what they’re doing. But the best thing about these pair of pants? They don’t look like some normal rugged, tech-ed out bottoms from REI. They have the same cut as the San Francisco based brand’s slim chinos, and are just as easily worn for a rainy walk to work as they are on a weekend trip out to Point Lobos to find your inner Edward Weston. Getting lost never looked so good.

Purchase: $98