TASER Pulse+ Smart Stun Gun

Personal safety and the ability to defend yourself are not things people like to think about too often. But with the dangers of the world, it’s sometimes necessary to be prepared, just in case. And that just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the new TASER Pulse+ smart stun gun.

With its ergonomic and easy-to-use pistol shape, 15-foot firing distance (with a laser sight), and enough juice to override an attacker’s muscle functions for a full 30 seconds (with two live charges included), the Pulse+ is an excellent less-than-lethal self-defense tool. But this one is even better thanks to a partnership with Noonlight, a connected safety platform. You see, whenever this weapon is discharged, it automatically contacts the authorities and emergency services via a Bluetooth-integrated smartphone app. With real-time GPS-tracking, law enforcement will be dispatched to your location immediately, even if you’re unable to speak with them over the phone or dial 911. Compatible with both iOS and Android, this superb smart stun gun can be yours for $449.

Purchase: $450