Taptop Computer By Louis Berger

As computers get smaller and more powerful, the way product designers imagine how we may interact with them in the future has been getting increasingly wild. Case in point, Louis Berger’s Taptop Computer.

A kind of riff on the Touch Bar included in most of the new Macbook Pro computers, Berger’s concept features a desktop computer shaped like an elongated pill and featuring a touchscreen display. As the Munich-based design student imagines it, this computer would leave the main screen completely free of the applications bar, serve as a venue for quick actions, and even allow for the use of FaceID. For those with lots of applications on hand, all one needs to do to scroll to the next is to touch the screen and flick either right or left. While this isn’t an official Apple design, we hope that the team in Cupertino took notes when doing the research for their upcoming Mac Pro update.

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