Tapplock One Smart Fingerprint Padlock

To be totally honest, were a little more prepared to see wireless chargers, new VR gear, and maybe some fresh electric scooters at this year’s CES — yet one of the most standout products we came across was Tapplock’s One padlock.

At first look this lock comes off as relatively simple – but it actually packs a really impressive amount of utility into its small build. Not only does it have a cutting-edge capacitive fingerprint sensor and an adaptive algorithm that recognizes your fingerprint faster with each use, but it boasts Bluetooth unlocking capabilities for easy sharing and remote unlocking. So for instance, if you had a shed you wanted to let your friend to rummage through, you could share access for the afternoon without taking time off work. Need to allow regular access to a large number of people? The lock can store up to 500 fingerprints. And no worries when it comes to being weather resistant. This thing is designed to be rust and rain-proof as well as operational at temperatures ranging between 14 and 140 degrees.

Purchase: $100