Tap Wearable Keyboard

Typing into your phone, whether small or large, has not gotten easier as the years have gone on. Tap aims to get rid of all of our typos by adding in a simple and easy to use strap that acts like an invisible keyboard, letting you type on literally any surface.

Connecting to your devices via Bluetooth, all users have to do is slip this thing on their hands like a glove, tap the webbing three times, and start writing. Sensors within the strap read your movements and convert them into writing seamlessly. In order to learn how to accurately use this tool, the inventors have included an all called TapGenius that provides tutorials and games that help make the movements second nature. These straps, which are expected to come in three different sizes that can operate for up to four hours continuously, will cost $120. [Purchase]

Tap Wearable Keyboard 1

Tap Wearable Keyboard 4

Tap Wearable Keyboard 5