Tanner Goods Court Classic Low

Aug 29, 2016

Category: Style

At just about any other point in time one would expect a pair of finely built leather shoes to look like they belonged on the more formal end of the spectrum. No longer is that the case. Informality is one of the hallmarks of our time, and while some see this as a kind of failing, we love what this more relaxed approach to life and fashion has brought to the table. Case in point; the Court Classic Lows from Tanner Goods.

These shoes are a fully American affair almost across the board. Portland based Tanner Goods designed the shoe, sourced their leather from Horween, a tannery from Chicago, and had the shoes constructed by the Racourt & Co in Lewiston, Maine. American design, tanning, and construction all sit on a honey colored Vibram sole to make for a truly stand out pair of shoes that fit with your relaxed work outfits. Get your hands on these limited edition kicks for $290. [Purchase]

Tanner Goods Court Classic Low 1

Tanner Goods Court Classic Low 2

Tanner Goods Court Classic Low 3

Tanner Goods Court Classic Low 4

Tanner Goods Court Classic Low 5

Tanner Goods Court Classic Low 7

Tanner Goods Court Classic Low 8

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