Tammock Is An Innovative Freestanding Hammock-Tent Hybrid

One of the major benefits of hammocks, as opposed to camping tents, is that they help to elevate you above the ground — offering a relaxing sway and helping you avoid uneven rocks in your back. The downside: you need trees and/or a bulky separate frame to set one up. Unless your camping hammock of choice is the Tammock, that is.

A hybrid of a single-person camping tent and hammock, Tammock is completely freestanding — so you don’t need any trees or a separate hammock stand to use it. Rather, the included stand is specifically designed to integrate into the structure of the tent itself. This means you get all of the weather protection of a traditional camping tent with the elevation and comfort of a hammock — whether you’re in the forest, desert, beach, backyard, or anywhere else. Built from sturdy ripstop nylon, the Tammock also boasts a 400-pound weight limit, dual openings with mosquito mesh for unrivaled ventilation, an included rainfly for weather protection, and so much more. Available on Kickstarter now, this freestanding hammock-tent starts at $299.

Kickstarter: $299+