Tamiya RC Toyota Land Cruiser

When the average person hears RC cars in a conversation, they typically veer to something that looks like the toy car from Toy Story — a car that is clearly designed to be a toy. But, of course, that’s not the aesthetic that all RC cars go for, with many “toy” cars taking an approach closer too realism. Thus is the case with the Tamiya RC Toyota Land Cruiser, a replica built by one of the most well-known hobby product manufacturers in the world.

The car comes disassembled, meaning you’ll have to put it together yourself (which is no easy task, we might add). Because it doesn’t come pre-assembled, buyers are able to choose their own transmitter, receiver and battery, making it a highly customizable experience. Tamiya clearly paid a lot of attention to detail while crafting this beastly RC car. The car is available for $334, with the receiver, transmitter and battery sold separately.

Purchase: $334

Tamiya RC Toyota Land Cruiser 2

Tamiya RC Toyota Land Cruiser 3