Tamiya RC Ford Bronco Crawler

In the world of model hobbies, few companies live up to the same standards as Tamiya. First going into business in 1948 with a scale model wooden ship, the Japanese company now offers over 300 different products that ship around the world. One of which, the 1973 Ford Bronco, is a 1/10th scaled down remote-control 4×4 version of the early off-road machine.

The detail of these RC models is certainly an amazing feat. Upon closer inspection it’s apparent that Tamiya took great care in mimicking everything from the four-link rigid suspension to the beadlock wheels and Cliff Crawler tires to the planetary gearbox. For the model, the Bronco’s distinctive ’73 body shape was reproduced with polycarbonate, and separately molded metal plated parts depicting the grille, light covers, and side mirrors in fantastic realism. It’s an appropriate tribute to a legacy vehicle. The Bronco broke the mold of the American four-wheel drives’ crude shape with its compact design, later facilitating decades-long succession of subsequent vehicle appreciation of the Bronco’s brawny spirit. Available now for $640. [Purchase]

Tamiya RC Ford Bronco Crawler 01

Tamiya RC Ford Bronco Crawler 02