Talus’s VenturePack Turns Any Pickup Into A Ready-Made Overlanding Machine

Overlanding is the definitive occupation of the gear-savvy. After all, outfitting yourself for off-the-grid self-sufficiency demands an extensive collection of gear to suit. Whether you’re readying your rig for basic survival or equipping it for more ambitious exploits, the options add up quickly. In most cases, the only limits to this type of travel are your imagination and your preparedness, but there is often one barrier to entry: cost.

Enter Talus Expedition Gear, an Idaho-based adventure company specializing in plug-and-play camper conversions. Their latest offering, known as the ‘VenturePack’ is effectively a Swiss Army knife for your truck bed. It features a unique drawer system into which they’ve fit a slew of camping essentials — including a two-burner stove, a 31-quart refrigerator, a sink with running water, and a 16-gallon purifying tank. Should you need even more room for your gear, there’s an additional 17 cubic foot storage unit available. But that’s not all — it also comes with a dedicated power system and a folding solar panel. And although the VenturePack doesn’t include shelter, Talus has partnered with 23Zero to offer a range of compatible tents. Available today from $13,750, the VenturePack will fit nearly every pickup on the market.

Purchase: $13,750+