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Take On The Tundra Aboard Taiga’s 120HP All-Electric Snowmobiles

With a large portion of the automotive community transitioning into a more-conscious mindset when it comes to manufacturing, it wasn’t long before electric ideology would find its way into other avenues of transport. Snowmobiling is one such example — a niche pastime used by an exceedingly minuscule segment of the all-terrain world, but one of the industry’s foremost polluters.

In July of 2019, the snowmobiling community was treated to a groundbreaking announcement by Taiga, a progressive motor outfit that sought to send ripples through the industry’s already-established waters, disrupting its reliance on fossil-fueled two-stroke engines. Three preliminary models were shown to the public — the mountain-focused EKKO, utility/touring NOMAD, and the all-terrain ATLAS — each of which was outfitted with its own unique peripherals and components to take on varying styles of riding. A generous 120-horsepower motor, double-wishbone front suspension, and single-ratio composite drivetrain are found across all three models, allowing some of the vehicles to hit 62 miles-per-hour in just under 3.7 seconds, and travel up to 90 miles on a single charge. Now, the instantaneously-powered EKKO, NOMAD, and ATLAS are available for reservation via Taiga’s website for $500, with a $15,000 listing price upon release.

Purchase: $15,000+