This Watch Dial Features Vintage Paint From Ford’s Detroit Factory

The influence of the automotive industry is omnipresent, especially in the realm of wrist-worn accessories. Over the past century, countless iterations of the modern wristwatch have found their time-tested inspiration in the likes of designers’ favorite vehicle platforms. And, while TAG Heuer, Bamford Watch Department, and Black Badger’s most recent project is certainly rooted within the four-wheeled world, it takes a resourceful approach that’s also undeniably original.

The TAG Heuer x Bamford x Black Badger Carrera Calibre 5 Fordite collection is a refreshing series of one-off watches that utilize one of the automotive industry’s most unassuming byproducts. To create these specialized examples, the watchmaker, customizer, and designer have joined forces for an intricate collaboration, dressing Heuer’s iconic Carrera Calibre 5 in an amalgamation of paints that have built up in car factories’ paint bays over time. After acquiring the byproduct, it’s sliced into smaller segments, revealing a mesmerizing flow of colors, patterns, and textures. For this collection, in particular, the companies have utilized requisitioned Fordite from Michigan’s most prominent Ford factories, spotlighting vehicles that were painted from the 1970s, and into the 1990s. Only 10 examples will be available for purchase and are expected to retail for around $6,740 each. Head to Bamford’s website for more information regarding their upcoming release.

Purchase: $6,740