TAG Heuer’s Bright Black Watch Raises the Bar for Luxury Smartwatches

The idea of luxury smartwatches may be foreign to many, but it is a segment that is quickly gaining traction. From Apple Watch’s collaborations with Hermès to Montblanc’s fast-growing Summit line, luxury smartwatches aren’t going away anytime soon. And one of the biggest players in the space is TAG Heuer, who have successfully translated their traditional luxury watchmaking know-how to this techy arena with their Connected line of smartwatches. And now, TAG is venturing even further into this new territory with their most luxurious smartwatch yet.

The TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition is a refined, more luxe version of the brand’s standard Connected smartwatch. The Bright Black focuses on using high-end materials and features a case made from black DLC sandblasted titanium. Atop the case, you’ll find a glossy black ceramic bezel with a shiny outer ring that’s been treated with 5N pink gold lacquer. 5N pink gold PVD highlights also adorn the watch’s crown, pushers, and bezel markings. The watch’s strap is rubber-lined black leather that’s secured with a gold-tone sandblasted titanium buckle. Even the dial has been updated for this special edition, with the attractive new “Total Eclipse” watchface and gold versions of existing watchfaces being exclusive to the Bright Black. Other specs remain the same as other TAG Heuer Connected watches, which means you’re getting a sapphire crystal, 50m water resistance, and connectivity that includes WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

The TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition smartwatch is available in limited quantities, though the brand hasn’t revealed just how many are being produced. Priced at $2,550, the watch is available now from TAG Heuer’s website.

Purchase: $2,550

Photo: TAG Heuer