Titanium Tactical Marker 2

The Sharpie marker is a quality writing tool, but if your office is the outdoors then a regular plastic writing tool just won’t suffice. A sequel to the original Tactical Marker released in 2015, the Tactical Marker 2 is a follow-up that doesn’t falter.

The rugged case transforms any Sharpie into a vital EDC tool that won’t crumble even under the wheels of a car. With a gnarled grip, you can hold onto your writing instrument with confidence when your hands are gloved or muddy. After you’re done jotting down notes, use the twist-cap with secure O-rings to keep the marker from drying out and clip the marker to your carabiner easily. The Tactical Marker 2 comes in four alloy options: copper, brass, galactic grade aluminum, or titanium. You can also choose from a red, blue, or black Sharpie marker to house inside the container.

Kickstarter: $50