Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets

Lining up tin-cans and paper targets in your sights is a fun way to hone your aim or just keep it sharp – but it can get boring after a little while. So for the guy who is looking to prep for a target that’s a little more menacing, the folks at San Diego based Zombie Industries have cooked up the ‘Chris’ Zombie Target.

Tough enough to stand up to 1,000 rounds, these life-sized targets bleed and drop pieces of zombie matter when shot at. Fun for a day out with your friends at the range – this package includes a wood stake for mounting, and open spaces behind both the head and chest for placing exploding targets if you’re feeling particularly aggressive. Due to the fact that the zombie apocalypse has yet to descend on us (just give it time) this target is made from biodegradable materials so you can devastate your target without worrying about doing the same to the ground around it. Buy your own for $90. [Purchase]