Tactica Gear Talon Multitool

While you might take a look at the multitool market and think that it’s over-saturated and there’s already something out there for everyone, we’re keen to believe that there are still some welcome innovations to be had. Because multitools aren’t just about the number of tools, the materials, or the size – they are a delicate balance of the three. And while we are well aware that the perfect across-the-board multitool will never be built (everyone has different needs), we’re plenty happy that people keep trying. The latest tool to impress us with both its construction and design is Tactica Gear’s Talon.

Made from a polymer composite material – used in both the aerospace and military industries – that has the same strength as die cast metal at a fraction of the price, the brand is making the bold claim that this is the “best and most affordable multitool on the planet.” While we cannot substantiate the boast (they haven’t revealed a price, as of yet), we can say that the Talon is rather impressive. Featuring over 20 tools – including stepped hex-drivers, a boxcutter, metric and imperial rulers, a torque socket, and a hex socket with included driver bits and onboard storage – this carabiner shaped multitool is sure to come in handy more often than not. [Purchase]

Tactica Talon Multitool 01

Tactica Talon Multitool 02

Tactica Talon Multitool 03

Tactica Talon Multitool 04

Tactica Talon Multitool 05