Taco Bell Mobile Ordering App

In an industry that hasn’t seen huge innovation since the introduction of the drive-thru, Taco Bell looks to change the fast food game with their all new mobile ordering app.

After spending months working on the app, the Yum Brands owned chain is ready to rock the fast food world. Order on your time, and unlock the entire Taco Bell kitchen right from your phone. The app puts everything on the Taco Bell menu at your fingertips (and even includes exclusive app-only items), allowing you to add and remove any individual ingredient found in the restaurant. The premise is simple. Place your order on the app, and when you’re within close proximity to the store you’ll receive a notification asking if you’d like to check in. Once you confirm check-in, a cook at Taco Bell will begin preparing your food. Payment is all done through your smartphone. All you have to do is walk right up to the mobile pickup area (no more waiting in line), and your order is prepared and ready to go.

Taco Bell Mobile Ordering App 1
It works on both Android and iOS devices, and our favorite part is the ability to reorder by simply rotating your phone. Taco Bell plans on tying in a loyalty program to the app, and will even give you the option to send gifts to your friends. Because who doesn’t want deep-fried chalupas for their birthday?

While the restaurant chain is currently using their own payment system (which includes the ability to use Taco Bell gift cards) they’re also not ruling out the possibility of including Apple Pay in the future. The app is already available for download through iTunes, and it’s completely free. Now if these guys would offer a delivery service, we’d be golden. [Download: iOS | Android]