TacLace Quick Boot Lacing

While deployed in Afghanistan a couple of U.S. Marines noticed that one of the most time consuming parts of getting ready was lacing up their boots. After a combat deployment where they realized how vitally important a few moments could be, the two developed a brand new way to get their shoes on quickly. The result of their work is the TacLace, a simple and secure way to both tighten and tie your boots in a hurry.

All you have to do is loop your fingers through the velcro lace restrainer, cinch down on the laces, pull the chord-lock, and wrap the laces around the top portion of your boot and you’re ready to go. Originally designed for military use – this lace will keep you within uniform regulations for every branch of service. It’s secured above the top two eyelets of your boots so you can blouse your trousers for a professional appearance. This is a great tool for civilians too – whether you’re a construction worker, hiker, or just want to throw on boots without fussing with laces. Pick some up a pair starting at $15. [Purchase]