Tac-Tops Karambit

Originally native to Indonesia, karambit style knives have inspired a slew of different re-designs by knife makers in the west for years now. They come big and small, fold-out and fixed-blade, but the Tops’ TAC-TOPS Karambit, the newest take on the knife from the company, stands out from the rest in quality and size.

Designed by Colin Despins of Max Venom Product Group, this lethal weapon looks as good as it cuts. 11 inches long, the knife made from high carbon 1095 steel with a hardness rating of RC 56-58 has a hell of a reach to it. With a large finger hole and a black canvas micarta handle, you’ll be able to get a firm grip with or without gloves on. If you feel like carrying this monster around, you can slip it in its kydex sheath and hook it to your belt with the sheath’s beta loop clip. Price is set around $170. [Purchase]

Tac Tops Karambit 1

Tac Tops Karambit 2

Tac Tops Karambit 3

Tac Tops Karambit 4