TAB Adjustable Bag

Whenever we are getting ready to travel, we are forced to carefully consider which bag will meet our needs the best. That means from the beginning of the trip, we have to make sure that we have enough space to take on a few souvenirs and not so much room that if we ditch a few things we’ll be left lugging around a big empty burden. But what if there was a bag that could change its size depending upon your needs without a whole bunch of attachments? As it turns out, there is. And it’s called the TAB.

Designed to make all your other bags, packs, and duffels obsolete, the TAB (short for ‘The Adjustable Bag’) is perhaps the most versatile bag we’ve ever seen. And that’s thanks to its uncomplicated cinch system that allows you to pack it down inside itself – down to a diameter of just 8 and a height of 4.75 inches – for easy storage or open it up into any of three different sizes – 31. 46.5, or 62 liters – to suit your packing appropriately. It can also be carried suitcase, over-the-shoulder, or backpack style in all three sizes. And because it’s made from DWR ripstop nylon and features waterproof zipeprs, it’s resistant to the elements. Best of all, in any configuration, this bag weighs just 1.2 pounds. When it hits the market, it will retail for $139, but you can back it right now on Kickstarter for far less.

Kickstarter: $139+