T10i Stainless Steel Earphones

Just the words “stainless steel” alone have been known to trigger many a man to reach for his wallet, no matter what the application. But… stainless steel earphones? Yes sir.

British audio company RHA has unveiled its newest creation, the T10i ($200), built from ultra-sturdy stainless steel. It’s a unique look for sure, and the boldly offbeat approach continues with a patent-pending moldable wire that goes behind the ear. The T10i come with three interchangeable filters for frequency response customization, because you don’t need booming bass when listening to a podcast. The customization options continue with 9 different pairs of ear tips in various sizes, including two that are made from memory foam. You don’t often think of buds as being able to shield out noise, but the T10i headphones are said to be “noise-isolating,” so that chatter behind you on the bus won’t interfere with your tunes. [Purchase]

T10i Stainless Steel Earphones 2

T10i Stainless Steel Earphones 3

T10i Stainless Steel Earphones 4