T-Rex Duct Tape

By know, just about everyone knows the benefits of duct tape. Truth be told, its one of mankind’s greatest innovations. It’s incredibly strong, reliable, and can take a beating. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon. Or at least that’s what the folks behind T-Rex Tape thought before they endeavored to prove it. And prove it, they have.

Though it might look like any ordinary duct tape, T-Rex Tape is far from it. This incredible stuff actually boasts 4 times the staying power of its regular counterparts. In fact, it’s made from UV-resistant material and has a waterproof backing that makes it reliable in just about any conditions. It’s also thicker than normal duct tape, giving it 3 times the strength. And its glue has double the hold. In fact, it’s so good that Les Stroud, Survivorman himself, endorses it. Best of all, a roll of this amazing do-it-all-and-more stuff costs just $8. Pick some up. You’ll never go back to regular duct tape again. [Purchase]