SYNEK Portable Craft Beer Tap House

Between the frequent fights, terrible bathrooms, and sausage festiness of it all, sometimes making the trip to a bar just isn’t worth it; especially when all you want is some good beer. The arrival of Synek could be your salvation.

Billed as the “world’s first portable tap house,” Synek is a portable draft system that lets you dispense your favorite cold beer anytime you want; think of it kinda like a Keurig for beer. Just fill the patent-pending, vacuum-sealed Synek bag from any tap with a special adapter (the inventor says it will keep your beer fresh for months), then insert a pressurized cartridge into the Synek dispenser, and after connecting two valves, you’re all set for adult beverages. The bags are said to be easily interchangeable and they maintain their carbonation outside of the dispenser, so switching up your drinks shouldn’t hurt the quality. Note: Due to some wacky booze laws, Synek is not legal in Alabama, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Dakota and Vermont. [Purchase]