SYMPL Nº7 Solitary Boardbag

If you surf and don’t travel abroad then we’re sorry to say but you’re doing it all wrong. Some of the best surf in the world exists beyond our borders, and to not explore is to deny yourself not only the pleasure of searching for perfect waves but experiencing a different culture entirely. Luckily, the crew over at SYMPL Supply Co. offers a durable boardbag suited for the nomadic tendencies in every surfer.

Dubbed the Nº7 Solitary Boardbag, it’s made from durable waxed canvas and compatible with shortboards, fish shapes or other strange alternative designs as long as they’re under seven feet in length. In fact, the boardbag itself can adjust to fit any sized board and also features a zipper in the back to fit old-school single glass-on fin surfboards. It also hosts a nylon ripstop lining, brass hardware, and genuine leather construction that will accrue character with age. What’s not to like? They’re available now for $300. [Purchase]

SYMPL Nº7 Solitary Boardbag 2

SYMPL Nº7 Solitary Boardbag 5

SYMPL Nº7 Solitary Boardbag 6

SYMPL Nº7 Solitary Boardbag 1