The Unison Record Stand Is A Vintage Audiophile’s Dream

When you’re an avid collector of the audiophile’s original polyvinyl sin, it might be difficult to find a storage solution that can both display and protect your favorite albums. To remedy our insatiable thirst for a cabinet that’s as attractive as our 180-gram limited-edition records themselves, New York’s Symbol Audio has spent a large portion of its existence crafting the finest LP storage solutions around — and now, they’ve introduced a modular, minimalist variant that can be tailored to your needs.

The company’s Unison Record Stand was built for consumers who are looking for intuitive, dual-purpose use from their audio-oriented furniture. To overcome the differentiation of room types, less-than-desirable storage solutions, and the inevitable expansion of your collection, Symbol’s all-in-one audio station comes in a variety of sizes, from a modest 24- to 52-inches. Sustainably harvested wood components, leather detailing, and brass peripherals add a handsome, vintage aura to any room, while multiple indentations, nooks, and shelves serve to house every intricate part of an audiophile’s setup, from an amplifier and receiver to the collector’s prized records.

Purchase: $1,995+