Sylvansport Go Camper Sunny Side Up Solar Kit

When it comes to camping, whether in a car or on the trail, consolidation is key. The less individual items you have to lug around the easier it is to enjoy the outdoors and the people you are with. Usually only companies that make smaller camp items try and do their best to fit as much utility into one item (sporks, multi-tools, etc.) but recently Sylvansport and Goal Zero have stepped up to collaborate on the Go Camper Sunny Side Up Solar Kit.

This easy to hitch trailer not only lugs around your equipment for car camping, but it features a large solar array that can give you power for a full weekend. The Goal Zero panels on this trailer hook up to their own special Yeti 400 Solar Generator so as long as the sun is out the on-board battery is getting charged up. This means you can power lights, charge phones, or keep whatever you want juiced up worry-free. Due to the fact that this thing only weighs 60 pounds, it is super easy take it anywhere you are looking to go, even if you have a small car without a whole lot of power behind it. Prices start at $1,300. [Purchase]

Sylvansport Go Camper 1

Sylvansport Go Camper 2

Sylvansport Go Camper 3