SylvanSport Unveils The First All-Electric Adventure RV With A 400-Mile Range

While electric cars are a dime a dozen these days, all-electric RVs are anything but. RVs are huge, they often travel great distances to secluded locations, and they require a ton of power to not only power themselves, but all of their amenities. Creating an all-electric platform that provides enough juice to power an RV without sacrificing range is a tall task, but SyvlanSport seems to have cracked the code with their new Leading the Charge concept.

SylvanSport joined forces with Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc. to create the Leading the Charge concept, and it looks like it could be the all-electric RV platform we’ve been waiting for. The concept is powered by liquid-cooled permanent magnet AC motors that crank out 290 HP and a ridiculous 3,000 lb-ft of torque. Despite that level of power, the RV’s range is said to be up to 400 miles, while AWD military-grade axles and independent front and rear coil spring suspension enable it to tackle rough terrain. There are also some additional green features that go beyond its emission-free powerplant, with new tech aimed at reducing waste and recycling water. Leading the Charge is currently in development, but it could see the light of day in 2022.

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