SWIZA Swiss Army Knife

Ever heard the expression “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”? Well, SWIZA, a brand with over 110 years and an established reputation in watchmaking circles, decided to throw that notion by the wayside in their redesign of the legendary Swiss Army knife. And to be honest, by the look of this thing, we’re thinking of abandoning that philosophy as well. Their redesign is a unique creation manufactured and assembled in the Jura, restoring the status of the local cutlery industry.

The new Swiss Knife marries the design conceived by the Zurich-based company with a number of technical innovations. Each knife comes with up to eleven functions in total, making it an essential everyday companion. Some tools include a five-turn sommelier cork screw, a flat head and Phillips screwdriver, universal bottle opener, tweezers and a can opener. Each product hosts a blade locking system with easy access to these tools for both right and left-handers. They’re also available in four Jura-inspired colors: Bright Red, Husky Eye Blue, Snow White and Graphite Black. Prices start at $33. [Purchase]

SWIZA Swiss Army Knife 002

SWIZA Swiss Army Knife 003

SWIZA Swiss Army Knife 004