Swiss+Tech Hand Mounted Flashlight

Is your dad worth $6? Wait, don’t answer that. We’re not looking to open up a can of dysfunctional family drama beef stew here. Let’s just assume, that yes, the man who’s half responsible for your existence does indeed deserve some acknowledgement this Father’s Day (June 15). We’ve got just the thing.

The Swiss+Tech ST33365 Hand Mount Tool Light is less than $6 and yet its ingenious functionality makes it worth so much more. This is an LED flashlight that straps on easily to your wrist, shining light where it’s needed with the flip of a switch when there’s no room for a flashlight, or if both of your hands are occupied. The nylon and Velcro strap is adjustable, and it includes two replaceable batteries. Dad will clearly think it cost more, and thus think your love for him is proportionate to all that he did for you. [Purchase]

Swiss Tech Hand Mounted Flashlight 2

Swiss Tech Hand Mounted Flashlight 3