Swiss+Tech Bike Multi-Tool

Bikes are amazing forms of transportation. Just about anyone can hop on one and go for miles with relatively little effort, making them both ideal for commuting and fun for taking on long joy rides. Even the best bikes can break down on you though, so it’s important that cyclists keep a solid multi-tool on hand like Swiss+Tech’s 20-in-1 bike tool.

Just about anything you’d want to tune or fix your bike on the fly is contained in this little 3.5 by 1.6 inch stainless steel and aluminum tool. Get a flat? Just pull this out of your bag and flip out one of the two tire irons and you’ll be good to take that tire right off and replace the tube. Hearing a bit of a wobble or jangle while moving down the road? You have 7 hex drivers, 2 screwdrivers, wrenches and a star driver with which you can remedy the situation. The best part about it? It won’t break the bank. Pick one up for your trusty steed for just $15. [Purchase]

Swiss+Tech Bike Multi-Tool 1

Swiss+Tech Bike Multi-Tool 2