SWIMS Waterproof Men’s Boots

SWIMS Waterproof Mens Boots 1
Whether you’re trekking through the snow in search of the mysterious Yeti, or wading through a few inches of very sketchy liquid in your flooded basement, waterproof boots can really come in handy. These boots from Norway-based SWIMS incorporate a bevy of quality materials such as calf leather, coated nylon and more to achieve a definitive level of dryness for your feet.

Choose from the Harry, with its classic design and funky orange-on-brown color scheme, or maybe you can rock the Charles II High Top if things are really wet in your neighborhood. Fun Fact: From late November to late January in Norway, the sun never rises above the horizon in the north. That means very few hours of daylight. Better lace ’em up tight. [Purchase]

SWIMS Waterproof Mens Boots 2

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