Swich Wireless Charger

Charging the phone is a daily necessity for most of us, but this new wireless charger, Swich, proves it’s a process that doesn’t have to be void of coolness.

Made of ceramic, American walnut, and an acrylic foam sheet with micro-suction cups that magically hold your phone in place, Swich promises to add a touch of panache to the whole powering-up process. There’s a power transmission pad inside the stand which syncs with the compatible receiver inside your phone. Just place it on the stand and it starts re-juicing. If your phone doesn’t have a receiver, the Swich team help you get one for an extra $10, and later you’ll need to specify what type of phone you have so you get the right one. [Purchase]

Swich Wireless Charger 2

Swich Wireless Charger 3

Swich Wireless Charger 4