S’well Water Bottle

Water bottles may not be the most exciting piece of gear, but when a brand promises to keep your drink cold for 24 hours – that will certainly get your attention. That’s exactly what the team behind S’well water bottles offers.

Each bottle is crafted from non-toxic 18.8 stainless steel that will keep your drinks cold for a 24-hour period, while keeping your coffee hot for up to 12 hours. The secret behind the innovation lies in the double wall insulated stainless steel construction, which is also available in several different colors. The vacuum seal keeps your carbonated drinks fresh, and the mouth opening is large enough to drop a few ice cubes in as well. Each reusable water bottle holds 17 ounces of your favorite beverage, and while they are priced a bit higher than many other options on the market ($25+), you’ll be hard pressed to find something that keeps your drinks insulated more efficiently. It’s also worth noting that the brand is giving back as well, donating a portion of proceeds to organizations that help provide clean drinking water to those in need around the world. [Purchase]

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