Sweeper and Funnel by Menu

So your bachelor party got a little wild, some things went down that probably shouldn’t have, and now there’s more stripper glitter in your apartment than in all of aisle 6 at Jo-Ann. Most fiancés are not gonna be happy. There’s no time for thinking, only acting, and reaching for the Sweeper and Funnel from Menu.

Any chance of misplacing either of the two items is ingeniously canceled out since the little sweeper fits right inside the handle of the dustpan for compact storage. The dustpan’s hollow handle also acts as a funnel, letting you slide that sin dust into the trash can even easier. Designer Jan Kochanski has begrudgingly won our respect for this one, as we’re a little pissed we hasn’t thought of it ourselves. [Purchase]

Sweeper and Funnel by Menu 2

Sweeper and Funnel by Menu 3