SWASH Express Clothing Care System

We gotta admit, once we heard about those Jersey Shore clowns making a big thing out of doing laundry, we wanted to never do another load again. But supremely soiled shirts ain’t solving anyone’s problems either.

That’s why Swash ($500) could help us out. This new appliance from Whirlpool promises to remove odors and wrinkles from your clothes in just 10 minutes. You put your gear on a hanger inside the machine along with a gel-filled pod, then the gel gets sprayed onto your clothes, hydrating the fibers to remove wrinkles while thermal heating dries it out in less time than it takes to eat a bowl of soup. It’s not really meant as an alternative to a traditional washing machine, but if you’d like to spruce up your lightly worn items without running them through the lengthy wash and dry process, Swash could be in your future. [Purchase]

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